Beijing CIMAC technology Co. Ltd. (called CIMAC for short) is located in Beijing Zhongguancun high-tech development zone. Beijing CMTEK Technology Co. Ltd. and Huailai CMT equipment Co. Ltd. are the wholly-owned subsidiaries of CIMAC. CIMAC has independent import and export rights, develops the domestic and foreign market of energy saving and emission reduction of furnace combustion control system, and has established the perfect network system of sales, technical support and after-sales service. At the same time, it has long-term cooperation relationship with many domestic and foreign research institutions and companies, shows domestic and foreign users the newest scientific and technical payoffs and industrial equipment about industrial control. The core members of the company are technology experts, professors, engineering, who mainly engage in electric power, chemical, coal, aluminium, carbon, refractory and ceramics, glass and other industries. The company totally has 136 employees, including 1 post-doctor of the United States, 3 doctors, and 12 masters. CIMAC is mainly specialized in the development and service of industry control software and hardware technology for long ,which are widely used in such system and industrial fields as petrochemical, electric power, carbon, nonferrous metal (aluminium) etc; hold a number of patents in many fields, such as application software, system integration, the design, implementation and engineering services of industrial automatic control system, the design and development of embedded system software and hardware; has the Robust Multivariable Predictive Optimize Control Technology which has rank among the advanced in the world ,the measurement and control technology and the signal processing technology which service for the special fields; HuaiLai CMT equipment Co., Ltd. has 25800 square meters of professional factory in where combustion equipment are produced. 2. Target CIMAC combustion theory and control theory, research, and based on research results to design or modify the furnace so as to achieve energy-saving emission reduction, improve furnace service life and maintenance repair costs and achieve the purpose of saving electricity.

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